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Girl Game Changer. Social Vision Boards. Vision boards for good. 


Get out of your head


into yourself!

Vision boards are game changers! This LIT series activates communities to create vision boards in order to align themselves with their higher truths, power and stories. Getting online folks offline is a must for true relationship and network building, and vision boards speak to this. Cultural game changers enjoy enhancing their experience with a range of “in- the-moment” yesss moments. And this a series of yesss!

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Opportunities include:

       Business culture support (creativity enhancement, change dynamics, ideation catalyst, productivity narratives),

       Moon cycle alignment (aligning with new or full moon cycles)

       Zeitgeist narration (pop culture topics), and community generated themes (healing, dating, divorce, adoption, travel, wellness, love, finances, beauty, family, art, cooking, bleisure, etc...)

       Community mobilization around issues (health, education, quality of life)

       Educational development (staff development, student support, thematic)

       Corporate training and development (inclusion, inspiration, ideation, cultural challenges and corporate goals)

       Luxury (high-end materials for that special event! Engagement, weddings, baby, etc… (Swarovski crystals, leather, sourced materials)


Contact us today at connect@girlgamechanger.com to get a bespoke cultural alignment/event for your company or community’s needs!

You choose the format, we bring pre-selected thematic materials.

Then you put  it together, leaving more time to use your hands to build relationships and give pounds.


Cause, yesss! 




Founder & CEO Davida E. Arnold with Girl Game Changers post moderating and workshopping at Columbia University via Women Everywhere Believe. Jan 2017.

Founder & CEO Davida E. Arnold with Girl Game Changers post moderating and workshopping at Columbia University via Women Everywhere Believe. Jan 2017.


Girl Game Changer connects women to power. Launched by brand and communications strategist Davida E. Arnold in 2016, we are tasked with leveraging strategic relationships to level up economic and cultural capital by organizing and mobilizing on and offline communities to hone productivity and creativity. After over a decade in marketing, branding, communications and strategy, "I pivoted to launch my start-up.  Why? Common (dollars) and common sense (cents)."

According to a game changing study by The Harvard Business Review, and noted in an article by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Melinda Marshall, and Laura Sherbin, women and girls control $20T in global spending, yet are underrepresented in industries, laws and common culture.  

"To capture a piece of this crucial new market, our research shows, companies must develop and deploy two kinds of diversity: inherent — meaning more women and people of color make up the workforce — and acquired, meaning leaders behave inclusively to foster the speak-up culture that unlocks a broad spectrum of perspectives and toolkits.


We're here for that.

Be evolutionary.

Cause, yesss!  xXd


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Our info: 917.473.3640